Don Kayne

Board member

Age 63   |   Independent
Delta, British Columbia, Canada
Director since:  2016
Citizenship: Canadian

  • Key Skills and Experience

    • Enterprise leadership
    • Human resources and executive
    • International business
    • Investments / mergers and acquisitions
    • Safety, health and environment /
  • Don brings many years of experience as a business executive in Canada’s resource industry to Cameco’s board as well as valuable insights into emerging Asian markets where Cameco does business. He serves on two of our committees, including as chair of the human resources and compensation committee.


As of March 10, 2021

Don Kayne is the president and CEO of Canfor Corporation and the CEO of Canfor Pulp Products Incorporated. He serves as a director of both Canfor companies.

Don has extensive experience in international marketing. He has spent his entire career at Canfor, starting out as a regional sales representative in 1979. Prior to being appointed CEO, Don spent 10 years as Canfor’s vice-president of sales and marketing, and is one of the lead architects of the market for British Columbia lumber in China. Don’s work in growing markets for Canfor products around the world has provided him with deep connections to markets and customers in every region Canfor serves.

Don is a director of the private company, VIDA Corporation, a Swedish wood products company of which Canfor owns 70%. He serves as director of the Forest Products Association of Canada, Alberta Forest Products Association and the BC Lumber Trade Council. He serves as chair of the Council of Forest Industries and as vice chair of the Bi-National Softwood Lumber Council and serves as chair of its programs committee. He is an audit committee member and the former board chair of the Forest Products Association of Canada. He is a patron of the BCIT INSPIRE Campaign and is past chair and director of the charitable organization Educating Girls of Rural China Foundation, which works to transform the lives of women and communities in rural areas of western China by providing access to education. Don brings experience in human resources and executive compensation through his senior executive roles at Canfor.

Board and Committee Membership and Attendance

As of December 31, 2020

    2020 Attendance
2020 Voting Results Board and Committee Membership Regular Special Overall
94.3% votes for Board of directors 7 of 7 5 of 5 100%
5.7% votes withheld Human resources and compensation (chair) 4 of 4   100%
  Reserves oversight* 1 of 1   100%
  Safety, health and environment 3 of 3   100%

* Don left the reserves oversight committee in November 2020

Other Public Company Boards in the Past Five Years

Canfor Corporation* (TSX)   2017 to present
Canfor Pulp Products Incorporated* (TSX)   2017 to present

* Canfor Corporation holds a controlling interest in Canfor Pulp Products Incorporated. The entities share an executive team and committee assignments, and board meetings are held concurrently.

Securities Held

As of December 31, 2020

Year Cameco Shares DSUs Total Shares
 and DSUs
Market Value of
Shares and DSUs1
Multiple of 2020
Annual Retainer
(at market value)
Share Ownership
Guideline Compliant2
2020 –– 86,352 86,352 $ 1,472,302 7.4x Yes
2019 –– 68,487 68,487 $ 790,340    
Change –– 17,865 17,865 $ 681,962    

1  Based on total holdings multiplied by the closing price of Cameco common shares on the TSX on December 31: $11.54 (2019) and $17.05 (2020).
2  For evaluating compliance with Cameco’s share ownership guidelines, Don’s DSUs held at December 31, 2020 are valued at $1,472,296 and represent 7.4x the board member retainer of $200,000.