Our community investment program encompasses strong relationships with the communities in which we operate in Canada, Australia, United States and Central Asia. Our program is built on the fundamental belief that supportive communities are a key measure of the company's long-term success. Each year the company targets one percent of after-tax net earnings for community initiatives and projects.

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Step Up for Mental Health

A unique initiative, powered by Cameco in partnership with Brainsport, is set to occur on
May 11, 2019

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2018 Northern Saskatchewan Scholarships Awarded

When Cameco announced a new northern Saskatchewan scholarship in March this year, we expected a lot of applications.  With more than seventy bright, young applicants from all across Saskatchewan’s north, our expectations were surpassed.

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Energizing the future through education

The new Cameco Northern Saskatchewan Scholarship is a dedicated program specifically for students in the northern Saskatchewan administration district.  It's one of a collection of scholarship opportunities that Cameco and our partners offer to students.

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Cameco's people provide important leadership to community organizations and campaigns. Since beginning in 2004, our Employee Giving campaigns have provided more than $11.5 million back into our local communities.

In 2018, the Cameco-wide Employee Giving campaign resulted in $213,640 benefit to a variety of charities in our local communities.

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