Cameco's operations and investments span the nuclear fuel cycle from exploration to fuel manufacturing. We are one of the world's largest uranium producers providing about 17% of world uranium production. Cameco is also a leading supplier of uranium refining, conversion and fuel manufacturing services required to generate one of the cleanest sources of electricity available today.


Our geographically diverse uranium assets include a large portfolio of low-cost mining operations, extensive mineral reserves and resources, as well as exploration and development projects.

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    Operations Overview(As of December 31, 2016)
    3,579 people employed including contractors

    Uranium Operations

    Cameco is a world leader in low-cost uranium production. Our operations produced about 17% of world mine production in 2016 and we have about 415 million pounds of proven and probable reserves as well as extensive mineral resources.

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    Uranium Projects

    We believe that we have some of the best undeveloped uranium projects in the world.   In today's well-supplied market, work has been scaled back and will continue at a pace aligned with market demands.

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    Fuel Services

    Cameco is a major supplier of uranium processing services required to produce fuel for the generation of clean electricity. In addition, Cameco's fuel manufacturing division produces the fuel bundles and other components used in CANDU reactors. 

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