The board is responsible for supervising the management of our business and affairs, which includes overseeing management and our strategy.

The board encourages open dialogue and works within a climate of respect, trust and candour. The board fulfills its duties by:

  • maintaining a governance framework that establishes broad areas of responsibility and has appropriate checks and balances for effective decision-making and approvals
  • making decisions that set the tone, character and strategic direction for Cameco
  • approving the vision and value statements and enterprise-level policies developed by management
  • regularly monitoring management, including its leadership, recommendations, decisions and execution of strategies to ensure that they carry out their responsibilities and deliver value.

Board's Mandate

Beyond overall stewardship and oversight of the business affairs of the company, members of Cameco's board of directors are accountable for specific duties and responsibilities.

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Board Committees

The board carries out its responsibilities directly and through five standing committees, each mandated to provide detailed oversight of key areas.

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Chair's Role

Position description for the board chair of Cameco Corporation.

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CEO's Role

Position description for the chief executive officer of Cameco Corporation.

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NYSE Compliance

Cameco's statement of compliance with the requirements of the New York Stock Exchange.

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Code of Conduct and Ethics

Maintaining the highest standards of ethical behaviour is inherent to the culture at Cameco. Our code of conduct and ethics provides guidance to how we uphold the company's values.  The code applies to all directors, officers and employees of Cameco as well as our subsidiaries and it addresses, among other things, topics such as conflicts of interest, confidentiality, disclosure and compliance.

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Governance Guidelines

As a publicly listed company on both the Toronto and New York Stock Exchanges, Cameco is subject to a variety of requirements in Canada as well as the United States. The board has adopted corporate governance guidelines to ensure that our practices comply with governance rules and legislation in Canada and those of the United States applicable to foreign private issuers. 

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