Climate-Related Opportunities and Risks

Cameco’s board and management understand that our responses to the changing dynamics of climate-related opportunities and risks are central to long-term sustainability and value for all of Cameco’s stakeholders. Climate-related opportunities and risks are integral to our governance, strategy and risk management processes and are firmly committed to being an active partner in addressing climate change.

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Our Approach to ESG Reporting

At Cameco, we are committed to transparency and hold ourselves accountable for quality reporting on ESG matters to our shareholders, customers, employees, regulators, local Indigenous Peoples, communities around our operations, and other stakeholders. Given the evolving ESG landscape, and our commitment to continually improve our ESG disclosure, we established a multi-disciplinary working group to lead the process.

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Key ESG Goals

Cameco's ESG goals are integrated within our business and management plans, including a number that are linked to short-term incentive programs for all employees. They are aligned with Cameco's values and our measures of success and we believe that ongoing progress toward achieving these goals will further strengthen our ESG performance in the long-term.

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Protecting the environment at every stage of our operations is a top priority as we bring the multiple benefits of safe, clean, reliable nuclear energy to the world.

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We respect the rights of all our stakeholders and believe that maintaining strong relationships is essential to our long-term sustainability and success.

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Our commitment to sustainability begins at the top, with our board of directors overseeing management, strategy and the integration of ESG principles throughout Cameco.

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2020 ESG Highlights

These are some of our noteworthy accomplishments and performance highlights. Download

2020 ESG Performance Table

Details of all our 2020 ESG indicator results are available under each of the following topics:

Company Context


2020 ESG Report (PDF, 7MB)   
ESG Performance Table (XLS) SASB Index (XLS)