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($ millions except where indicated) NUKEM  Purchase 
  1. 1 Adjustments relate to unrealized gains and losses on foreign currency forward sales contracts (non-IFRS measure).
Uranium sales (million lbs) 8.9  –  8.9 
Revenue 503  (38) 465 
Cost of product sold
(including D&A)
420  25  445 
Gross profit (loss) 83  (63) 20 
Net earnings (loss) 50  (43)
Adjustment on derivatives1 (3) –  (3)
NUKEM inventory write-down –  10  10 
Adjusted net earnings1 47  (33) 14 
Cash provided by operations – 

On January 9, 2013, we acquired NUKEM for cash consideration of €107 million ($140 million (US)). We also assumed NUKEM’s net debt, which amounted to about €79 million ($104 million (US)).

In accordance with the purchase agreement, we paid Advent additional consideration of €6,075,000 ($7,808,000), representing a share of NUKEM’s 2012 earnings. There will be no additional payments to Advent related to the transaction.

For accounting purposes, the purchase price is allocated to the assets and liabilities acquired based on their fair values as of the acquisition date. The purchase price allocation is provided in the table below.

Much of the purchase price was related to nuclear fuel inventories and the portfolio of sales and purchase contracts acquired. The amounts attributed to inventory and contracts were based on market values as at the acquisition date. They will be charged to earnings in the period(s) in which related transactions occur. The amount categorized as goodwill reflects the value assigned to the expected future earnings capabilities of the organization. This is the earnings potential that we anticipate will be realized through new business arrangements. Goodwill is not amortized and is tested for impairment at least annually.

Purchase price allocation

($US millions)  
Net assets  
Working capital (22)
Inventory 165 
Sales, purchase contracts and other intangibles 88 
Goodwill 88 
Debt (117)
Deferred taxes (54)
Net assets acquired 148 
Financed by  
Cash 140 
Additional consideration (earn-out provision)
Liabilities and equity 148 

During 2013, NUKEM delivered 8.9 million pounds of uranium. On a consolidated basis, NUKEM contributed $465 million in revenues and $20 million in gross profit. Adjusted net earnings were $14 million (non-IFRS measure). NUKEM’s contribution to our earnings is significantly impacted by our purchase price accounting. Excluding the impact of the purchase accounting, NUKEM’s adjusted net earnings (non-IFRS measure) were $47 million for the year. NUKEM’s operating activities provided $6 million in cash during 2013 compared to our expectation of $50 million to $70 million. During the fourth quarter, we concluded a product purchase that had previously been planned for early 2014, reducing our reported cash flows for 2013 by approximately $55 million.

Uranium to be purchased under contractual fixed price arrangements and inventory on hand at the acquisition date were valued using the spot price at that time. The decline in the spot price in recent months has caused the carrying values of certain quantities to exceed their estimated realizable value, and we recorded an initial charge of $17 million ($11 million net of tax) and a subsequent recovery of $3 million ($1 million net of tax).

As noted above, much of the NUKEM purchase price was attributable to inventories and the portfolio of contracts. With respect to nuclear fuel inventories, amounts assigned were based on market values as of the date of acquisition. As these quantities are delivered to NUKEM’s customers, we will adjust the cost of product sold to reflect the values at the acquisition date, regardless of NUKEM’s historic costs.

As of the date of the purchase agreement, had NUKEM’s sales and purchase contracts been settled, it would have realized significant financial benefit. As a result, we paid a premium to acquire the portfolio. Accordingly, a portion of the purchase price has been attributed to the various contracts. In our accounting for NUKEM, we will amortize the amounts assigned to the portfolio in the periods in which NUKEM transacts under the relevant contracts. The net effect is a reduction in reported profit margins relative to NUKEM’s results. We expect the majority of the amount allocated to the contract portfolio will be amortized within two years.

Outlook for 2014

For 2014, NUKEM expects to deliver between 9 million and 11 million pounds of uranium, resulting in an increase in total revenues of up to 5% compared to 2013. NUKEM expects to incur administration costs similar to 2013. The effective income tax rate is expected to remain in the range of 30% to 35%.