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Fuel Services

We control about 25% of world UF6 conversion capacity and are a supplier of natural UO2. Our focus is on cost- competitiveness and operational efficiency.

Our fuel services segment is strategically important because it helps support the growth of the uranium segment. Offering a range of products and services to customers helps us broaden our business relationships and expand our uranium market share.


North America map showing location of Blind River refinery

Blind River refinery

Blind River is the world’s largest commercial uranium refinery, refining uranium concentrates from mines around the world into UO3.

Location Ontario, Canada
Ownership 100%
End product UO3
ISO certification ISO 14001 certified
Licensed capacity 24.0 million kgU as UO3 per year
(subject to the completion of certain equipment upgrades)
Estimated decommissioning cost $39 million

2013 update


Our Blind River refinery produced 14.2 million kgU of UO3 this year, enabling our conversion business to achieve its production targets.

Managing our risks

We manage the risks listed here.