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Location Saskatchewan, Canada
Ownership 69.9%
End product Uranium concentrates
Mine type Underground
Estimated resources (our share) 53.0 million pounds (indicated), average grade U3O8: 2.39%
20.2 million pounds (inferred), average grade U3O8: 3.19%


The Millennium deposit was discovered in 2000, and was delineated through geophysical survey and drilling work between 2000 and 2013. In 2012, we paid $150 million to acquire AREVA’s 27.94% interest in the project, bringing our interest in the project to 69.9%. We are the operator.

2013 update

This year we:

  • submitted the final environmental impact statement to regulators
  • completed a drill program that successfully increased the indicated resources of the deposit

In 2014, we expect a decision from the CNSC on a construction and operating licence for Millennium. A positive outcome and receipt of a licence would allow us to quickly advance to a development decision on the project, once the market signals that new production is needed.

Additional risks for Millennium include:

  • The English River First Nation (ERFN) selected surface lands covering the Millennium deposit in a claim for Treaty Land Entitlement (TLE). The TLE process does not affect our mineral rights, but it could have an impact on the surface rights and benefits we ultimately negotiate as part of the development of this deposit. Under the collaboration agreement that we signed with ERFN in 2013, the TLE claim will be dropped.
  • Environment Canada has brought forward a national recovery plan for woodland caribou that has the potential to impact economic and social development in northern Saskatchewan. Additional research work is being conducted so that a determination can be made on the sustainability of the species within the region. The research could result in measures being taken to further limit habitat disturbance in order to improve the health of the woodland caribou population in northern Saskatchewan, and it could have an impact on our ability to develop this deposit.