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Location Western Australia
Ownership 70%
End product Uranium concentrates
Mine type Open pit
Estimated resources (our share) 38.7 million pounds (indicated), average grade U3O8: 0.58%
6.7 million pounds (inferred), average grade U3O8: 0.46%


In 2008, we paid $346 million (US) to acquire a 70% interest in Kintyre. The Kintyre deposit is amenable to open pit mining techniques. In 2012, we recorded a $168 million write-down of the carrying value of our interest, due to a weakened uranium market. We are the operator.

2013 update

This year, we:

  • completed the value engineering study
  • completed registration of the Kintyre Mining Development Indigenous Land Use Agreement with the relevant government authority
  • submitted an Environmental Review and Management Program
  • carried out further exploration to test for potential satellite deposits at Kintyre and at other regional exploration projects close to Kintyre

Managing the risks

For all of our projects under evaluation, we manage the risks listed here.