2024 Annual Meeting of Shareholders

Notice and access

Cameco has adopted the notice-and-access method for delivery of its meeting materials to its shareholders. Registered and non-registered shareholders have received notification that the meeting materials in connection with the 2024 annual meeting of shareholders are available online. The use of this alternate means of delivery is permitted by Canadian securities regulators and is an efficient, environmentally friendly, and cost-effective way to distribute our meeting materials because it reduces printing, paper, and postage costs.

You can access the meeting materials below. Shareholders who would like a paper copy of the 2024 Management Proxy Circular and/or the 2023 Annual Report can request a copy by calling 1-888-433-6443 or 1-416-682-3801 (outside Canada and the US), or by emailing tsxt-fulfilment@tmx.com

Cameco Notice of 2024 Annual Meeting of Shareholders
Cameco Notice and Access Notification
Cameco 2024 Management Proxy Circular
Cameco 2023 Annual Report
Cameco 2024 Proxy Form
Virtual Meeting User Guide

There are various ways that you can engage with Cameco’s management team or its board of directors: