Our Culture

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  • We believe, to prospective employees, that workplace culture is equally important as total rewards.
  • Our culture reflects our values and helps guide our business decisions.
  • We're proud of the culture of excellence and integrity demonstrated each and every day by Cameco's employees around the world.

Code of conduct and ethics

Our Code of Conduct and Ethics applies to all Cameco employees, officers and board members as well as our subsidiaries. The code includes guidance on how to conduct business according to our values – safety and environment, people, integrity and excellence. It outlines expectations that all our employees actions reflect honesty, integrity and impartiality in order to earn and sustain trust within the workplace and beyond.

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Our safety culture

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Safety is a top priority at Cameco. Successful candidates for positions that are safety-sensitive or at safety-sensitive sites, must take and pass a substance test (which includes marijuana testing) as a condition of employment. Marijuana remain in a user’s system for about 30 days, so applicants/employees who have recently used marijuana should not expect to pass a substance test.

The following sites and positions are designated as safety-sensitive sites under Cameco’s Alcohol and Substance program:

Sites: alpha NUCLEAR, Blind River Refinery, Cameco Fuel Manufacturing Inc. (Port Hope and Cobourg), Cigar Lake, Key Lake, McArthur River, Port Hope Conversion Facility, Rabbit Lake, Saskatoon Transit Warehouse and Exploration camps.

Positions: Positions that require driving to communities as part of their responsibilities, such as community relations liaisons, corporate responsibility positions.

A respectful workplace

Every employee has the right to work in an atmosphere that is free from harassment, violence and discrimination. Cameco's respectful workplace program reflects our commitment to create and maintain a work environment in which all people are treated with dignity and respect. Cameco provides ongoing learning opportunities to build a respectful workplace and is prepared to take prompt action when there is evidence that this program is being violated. All employees must attend respectful workplace courses that clearly identify expectations.

Making a difference

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We encourage and support employees who make a difference in the communities where they work and live through the many volunteer opportunities we offer year-round. Whether it's taking part in a community cleanup project, donating to our record-breaking employee giving campaigns or talking to high school students about career opportunities, we see thousands of employees taking initiative. This desire to help others is a part of our culture.

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