Meet Our People

Since 2010, Cameco has maintained its prestigious ranking as one of Canada's Top 100 Employers. Cameco's efforts to build a rewarding workplace are widely recognized by our most important judges -- our people. Find out what employees are saying about life at Cameco and learn about some of our featured jobs here.

  • Careers - Ken Worobec & Kevin Huber Profile Picture

    Ken Worobec (L)

    co-ordinator, health and safety

    Kevin Huber (R)

    senior co-ordinator, safety, health, radiation and quality

    McArthur River Operation,
    Saskatchewan, Canada

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  • Careers - Stephanie Mawson Profile Picture

    Stephanie Mawson

    Cigar Lake Operation
    Saskatchewan, Canada

    Mine Engineer

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  • Careers - Teresa Keet Profile Picture

    Teresa Keet

    Human Resources,
    Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

    Compensation Specialist

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  • Careers - Logan Verhelst Profile Picture

    Logan Verhelst

    Key Lake Operation,
    Saskatchewan, Canada

    Intermediate Metallurgist

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  • Careers - Deepak Shetty Profile Picture

    Deepak Shetty

    Business and Technology Services
    Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

    Senior Business Systems Administrator

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