Protecting Our Environment

Regular monitoring is a part of our environmental responsibility
Regular monitoring is a part of our environmental responsibility.

Cameco takes its responsibilities to protect the air, land and water around its facilities very seriously. Our facilities are designed and engineered to ensure that emissions are as low as reasonably achievable and meet or exceed federal and provincial environmental requirements.

This is accomplished through ongoing investments in state-of-the art air filtration technology, effective programs for preventive maintenance, responsible waste management practices and thorough, ongoing employee training.

Comprehensive environmental monitoring programs are in place at Cameco’s fuel services facilities. Cameco monitors air and liquid effluent discharges to ensure that they meet or exceed applicable provincial and federal requirements.

The monitoring programs include:

  • Continuous sampling of water and air emissions;
  • High-volume sampling of ambient air, both near the facilities as well as in the surrounding environment; and
  • Ambient sampling, including soil, surface water and groundwater monitoring.
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