Cameco Customers

We sell uranium and fuel services directly to nuclear utilities around the world as uranium concentrates, UO2 and UF6, conversion services, or fuel fabrication. We have a solid portfolio of long-term sales contracts that reflect the long-term, trusting relationships we have with our customers.

Uranium Customers

  America Europe Asia
Uranium Customers 64 18 18



34 nuclear utilities worldwide

  • 64% of volume to Americas (US, Canada, Latin America)
  • 18% of volume to Asia
  • 18% of volume to Europe
  • five largest customers account for 59% of commitments


Over 160 million pounds of U3O8 contracted

Conversion Customers

  America Europe Asia
Conversion Customers 71 20 9

Conversion – UF6


30 nuclear utilities worldwide

  • 71% of volume to Americas (US, Canada, Latin America)
  • 9% of volume to Asia
  • 29% of volume to Europe
  • five largest customers account for 52% of commitments


Over 48 million kilograms as UF6 conversion

Conversion – UO2

Cameco is a leading supplier of uranium dioxide (UO2) used by the Canadian operators of CANDU heavy water reactors.

Conversion – UO3

Cameco provides intermediate fuel services product, uranium trioxide (UO3), through our Blind River refinery – the world's largest uranium refinery.

Fuel Manufacturing

Cameco is one of two nuclear fuel manufacturers in Canada, and the largest Canadian-based supplier of reactor components to CANDU operators in Canada.


  • utilities operating CANDU reactors


  • finished fuel for CANDU reactors
  • specialty alloy products for various CANDU reactor applications


  • 1.2 million KgU as UO2 pellets per year

For more information on Cameco’s marketing activities see our 2022 Q3 MD&A.