Cameco Customers

We sell uranium and fuel services to utility customers around the world. The annual average sales commitments over the next five years in our uranium segment is around 21 million pounds, with commitment levels in 2019 and 2020 higher than in 2021 through 2023. Our core strengths are an extensive portfolio of contracts and the long-term, trusting relationships we have with our customers.

Uranium Customers

  America Europe Asia
Uranium Customers 43 18 39



33 nuclear utilities worldwide

  • 43% of volume to Americas (US, Canada, Latin America)
  • 39% of volume to Asia
  • 18% of volume to Europe
  • five largest customers account for 56% of commitments


~125 million pounds of U3O8 contracted

Conversion Customers

  America Europe Asia
Conversion Customers 28 49 23

Conversion – UF6


28 nuclear utilities worldwide

  • 28% of volume to Americas (US, Canada, Latin America)
  • 23% of volume to Asia
  • 49% of volume to Europe
  • five largest customers account for 61% of commitments


over 40 million kilograms as UF6 conversion

Conversion – UO2

Cameco is a leading supplier of uranium dioxide (UO2) used by the Canadian operators of CANDU heavy water reactors.

Conversion – UO3

Cameco provides intermediate fuel services product, uranium trioxide (UO3), through our Blind River refinery – the world's largest uranium refinery.

Fuel Manufacturing

Cameco is one of two nuclear fuel manufacturers in Canada, and the largest Canadian-based supplier of reactor components to CANDU operators in Canada.


  • utilities operating CANDU reactors


  • finished fuel for CANDU reactors
  • specialty alloy products for various CANDU reactor applications


  • 1.2 million KgU as UO2 finished fuel bundles per year

For more information on Cameco’s marketing activities see our 2018 Q4 MD&A.