Yeelirrie is one of Australia's largest undeveloped uranium deposits. The deposit is located approximately 650 km northeast of Perth and approximately 750 km south of Cameco's Kintyre project.

Yeelirrie was originally discovered in 1972 by Western Mining Corporation (WMC).  Extensive exploration work was completed by WMC and subsequently BHP Billiton. In 2012 Cameco acquired the Yeelirrie project and is now 100% owner and operator.

Location Western Australia
Cameco's share 100%
Mine type Open pit
Estimated resources 127.3 million lbs (measured and indicated)
Average ore grade 0.16% U3O8
Product Uranium concentrates
Discovered 1972

2015 Update

We believe that we have some of the best undeveloped uranium projects in the world. However, in the current market environment our primary focus is on uranium production and our tier-one assets. We continue to await a signal from the market that additional production is needed prior to making any new development decisions.

At our Yeelirrie project, this year, we continued:

  • studies to assess the technical, environmental and financial aspects of the project
  • to advance the project through the environmental assessment process

In 2016, we plan to further advance this project through the environmental assessment process and continue working on proposals required under the Yeelirrie State Agreement. Under the State Agreement, the Western Australian Government provides a framework for the approval and development of the project. Detailed proposals for the development of a mine and related infrastructure must be submitted to the government for approval by June 20, 2018, in order to retain the tenements and titles for the Yeelirrie project.