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Learn how uranium is mined, milled and processed at Cameco

In Uranium Part 2 - watch how uranium is turned into fuel at our fuel manufacturing facilities in Ontario.

Watch Uranium Part 1 - mining and milling

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Cameco is a prominent supplier of uranium processing services required to produce fuel for the generation of clean electricity. We operate the world's largest commercial refinery in Blind River, control about 25% of the world UF6 conversion capacity in Port Hope, and are a leading manufacturer of fuel assemblies and reactor components for Candu reactors at our facilities in Port Hope and Cobourg.

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    2016 Update

    2016 Production

    Fuel services produced 8.4 million kgU, 13% lower than 2015. This was a result of our decision to decrease production in response to weak market conditions.

    Port Hope conversion facility cleanup and modernization (Vision in Motion)

    The Vision in Motion project completed the feasibility stage and was part of the relicensing process in 2016. The project will now be undergoing detailed engineering work and some early implementation aspects of the project in 2017.

    Labour relations

    Approximately 230 unionized employees at the Port Hope conversion facility accepted a new collective agreement. The employees, represented by United Steelworkers locals 13173 and 8562, agreed to a three-year contract that includes a 7% wage increase over the term of the agreement. The previous contract expired on June 30, 2016.

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    Cameco's Blind River operation is the world's largest uranium refinery producing an intermediate product in the nuclear fuel cycle.

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    The Port Hope conversion facility provides uranium dioxide (UO2) and uranium hexafluoride (UF6) conversion services for nuclear operators around the world.

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    Fuel Manufacturing

    Cameco fuel manufacturing produces fuel bundles for Candu reactors and also provides reactor components and consulting services to Candu operators around the world.

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