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Learn how uranium is mined, milled and processed at Cameco

In Uranium Part 2 - watch how uranium is turned into fuel at our fuel manufacturing facilities in Ontario.

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Cameco is a prominent supplier of uranium processing services required to produce fuel for the generation of clean electricity. We operate the world's largest commercial refinery in Blind River, have about 24% of the world UF6 primary conversion capacity in Port Hope, and are a leading manufacturer of fuel assemblies and reactor components for CANDU reactors at our facilities in Port Hope and Cobourg.

Our focus is on cost-competitiveness and operational efficiency. Our fuel services segment is strategically important because it helps support the growth of the uranium segment. Offering a range of products and services to customers helps us broaden our business relationships and expand our uranium market share.

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    2020 Q4 Update


    Fuel services produced 11.7 million kgU, 12% lower than 2019. This was a result of the temporary suspension of production in April resulting from the precautionary measures taken for the COVID-19 pandemic.

    Vision in Motion

    The Port Hope conversion facility cleanup and modernization (Vision in Motion) project is a unique opportunity that demonstrates our continued commitment to a clean environment. It has been made possible by the opening of a long-term waste management facility by the government of Canada’s Port Hope Area Initiative project.

    There is a limited opportunity during the life of this project to engage in clean-up and renewal activities that address legacy waste at the Port Hope Conversion facility inherited from historic operations.

    While there was progress earlier in the year, work on the Vision in Motion project in 2020 was suspended due to actions taken by the Ontario government to limit all non-essential construction activity.

    Planning for the future


    We plan to produce between 12.5 million and 13.5 million kgU in 2021, assuming no production disruptions due to the COVID-19 pandemic or other causes.

    In addition, in conjunction with our initiative intended to provide a greater focus on technology and its applications to improve efficiency and reduce costs across the organization, we will continue to look for opportunities to improve operational effectiveness, including the use of digital and automation technologies.

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    Cameco's Blind River operation is the world's largest uranium refinery producing an intermediate product in the nuclear fuel cycle.

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    The Port Hope Conversion Facility provides uranium dioxide (UO2) and uranium hexafluoride (UF6) conversion services for nuclear operators around the world.

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    Fuel Manufacturing

    Cameco Fuel Manufacturing produces fuel bundles for CANDU reactors and also provides reactor components and consulting services to CANDU operators around the world.

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