Conversion: Port Hope

  • Port Hope is the only uranium conversion facility in Canada and one of four in the western world.
  • Cameco operates the ISO 14001 certified facility which produces uranium hexafluoride and uranium dioxide, required in the production of fuel for light water and Candu-type, heavy water nuclear reactors.
  • Uranium-related products have been produced on the Ontario-based site since 1935.
Operation(As of December 31, 2016)
100% Cameco ownership
352 people employed
Production(As of December 31, 2016)
8.4 m kgU 2016 Annual Production
Canadian Candu fuel supplier (UO2)
Licenced to 2017
Only uranium conversion facility in Canada

Environment & Safety

Worker safety, environmental monitoring and proper decommissioning after project completion are of the utmost importance to Cameco.

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