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With nuclear energy clearly back in durable growth mode, Cameco is also back in durable growth mode. Growth that will be sought in the same manner as we approach all aspects of our business; strategic, deliberate, disciplined, and with a focus on generating full-cycle value.

Demand for nuclear power, supported by growth across the near, medium and long term, is driving the best fundamentals we have ever seen for the nuclear fuel market. The growing structural gap has led to supply uncertainty, which was amplified in 2022. As a proven, reliable, independent, commercial supplier of nuclear fuels, Cameco is positioned to benefit from these fundamentals. Our 2022 results, and our guidance for 2023, reflect the transformative year that we have had and the opportunity that remains ahead of us.

We believe we have the right strategy to achieve our vision of ‘energizing a clean-air world’ and we will do so in a manner that reflects our values. Embedded in all our decisions is a commitment to addressing the environmental, social and governance risks and opportunities that we believe will make our business sustainable over the long term.

Financial Highlights

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Summary of Q4 and 2022 results and developments:

  • Record contracting secures long-term revenues and cash flows: In our uranium segment, in 2022, we added 80 million pounds to our portfolio of long-term uranium contracts, with a record number of contracts signed. Of the 80 million pounds, about 58 million pounds have been finalized under contracts and the remaining 22 million pounds have been accepted with key commercial terms, such as pricing mechanism, volume and tenor having been agreed to, but still awaiting contract finalization. We also have a large and growing pipeline of uranium business under discussion. In addition, with strong demand in the UF6 conversion market, we were successful in adding long-term contracts that we expect will underpin that operation for years to come. We finalized contracts for almost 12 million kgU of UF6 conversion in 2022 and have another almost 5 million kgU that have been accepted and are awaiting contract finalization.
  • Contract acceptance with Energoatom: As announced on February 8, we have reached agreement on commercial terms for a major supply contract to provide sufficient volumes of natural uranium hexafluoride (UF6) (consisting of uranium and conversion services) to SE NNEGC Energoatom (Energoatom) to meet Ukraine’s full nuclear fuel needs through 2035. Key commercial terms, such as pricing mechanism, volume and tenor, have been agreed to, but the contract is subject to finalization, which is anticipated in the first quarter of 2023. The agreement will contain a required degree of flexibility, given present circumstances in Ukraine. The volumes are not included in our total 2022 contracted volumes, and represent potential total requirements of 25.7 million kgU as UF6 (the equivalent of 67.3 million pounds of uranium) that were accepted in 2023. This brings our total contracting from the start of 2022 to over 147 million pounds of uranium (58 million pounds finalized and 89 million pounds accepted and awaiting contract finalization) and almost 43 million kgU in conversion services (12 million kgU finalized and almost 31 million kgU accepted and awaiting contract finalization).
  • 2023 guidance provided, returning to tier-one run rate: Our outlook for 2023 is beginning to reflect the transition of our cost structure back to a tier-one run rate, as we plan our production to satisfy the growing long-term commitments under our contract portfolio. With the improvements in the market, the new long-term contracts we have put in place, and a pipeline of contracting discussions, our plan will now be for McArthur River/Key Lake to produce 18 million pounds (100% basis) starting in 2024 and to continue to operate Cigar Lake at its licensed capacity of 18 million pounds per year (100% basis) in 2024. At Inkai, production will continue to follow the 20% reduction planned by KAP until the end of 2023. With annual licensed capacity of 25 million pounds (100% basis) at McArthur River/Key Lake, we continue to have the ability to expand production from our existing assets, however some additional investment would be required. Any decision to expand production will be dependent on further improvements in the uranium market and our ability to secure the appropriate long-term contract homes for our unencumbered, in-ground inventory, demonstrating that we continue to responsibly manage our supply in accordance with our customers’ needs. In addition to our plans to expand uranium production, at our Port Hope conversion facility we are working on increasing UF6 production to 12,000 tonnes by 2024 to satisfy our book of long-term business for conversion services and customer demand at a time when conversion prices are at historic highs. As a result of these plans, we expect to see continued improvement in our financial performance. See Outlook for 2023 in our 2022 annual MD&A for more information.
  • Increased ownership at Cigar Lake: In May 2022, we announced the acquisition of a greater share in the Cigar Lake mine for $107 million, increasing our ownership to 54.5% (from 50%). Cigar Lake is a proven, permitted and fully licensed tier-one mine in a safe and stable jurisdiction that we operate with the tremendous participation and support of our neighbouring Indigenous partner communities.
  • Proposed acquisition of Westinghouse: In October 2022, we announced we had entered into a strategic partnership with Brookfield Renewable to jointly acquire 100% of Westinghouse, a global provider of mission-critical and specialized technologies, products and services across most phases of the nuclear power sector. Concurrently with the execution of the acquisition agreement, we secured commitments that provide for a $1 billion (US) bridge loan facility and $600 million (US) in term loans. Following the announcement, we undertook a $650 million (US) bought deal offering of common shares, with an underwriter option to purchase additional shares. The offering closed on October 17, 2022, providing us with gross proceeds of approximately $747.6 million (US) including the underwriters’ exercise in full of the option to purchase additional shares. The acquisition is expected to close in the second half of 2023 and is subject to customary closing conditions and certain regulatory approvals. Once the transaction closes, Brookfield Renewable will beneficially own a 51% interest in Westinghouse and we will beneficially own 49%. We believe bringing together our expertise in the nuclear industry with Brookfield Renewable’s expertise in clean energy positions nuclear power at the heart of the clean energy transition and creates a powerful platform for strategic growth across the nuclear sector. See Proposed acquisition of Westinghouse in our 2022 annual MD&A and our October 18, 2022 material change report (available on and for more information.
  • Fourth quarter net loss of $15 million; adjusted net earnings of $36 million: Fourth quarter results are driven by normal quarterly variations in contract deliveries and the continued execution of our strategy. Adjusted net earnings is a non-IFRS measure, see page 5.
  • Annual net earnings of $89 million; adjusted net earnings of $135 million: Annual results are beginning to reflect the transition of our cost structure back to a tier-one run rate as contemplated by the continued execution of our strategy. Our results also reflect the improvement in average realized prices as uranium prices and conversion prices continue to increase catalyzed by geopolitical uncertainty and security of supply concerns. In our uranium segment we delivered over 25 million pounds. Production for 2022 was 10.4 million pounds in our uranium segment as Cigar Lake met its annual production target of 18 million pounds (100% basis) and McArthur River/Key Lake restarted operations producing 1.1 million pounds (100% basis). In our fuel services segment, we produced 13.0 million kgU, which included an annual UF6 production record. In addition, we generated $305 million in cash from operations, with higher sales volumes in our uranium segment and higher average realized prices in both our uranium and fuel services segments compared to 2021. Adjusted net earnings is a non-IFRS measure, see page 5.
  • Strong balance sheet: As of December 31, 2022, we had $2.3 billion in cash and cash equivalents and short-term investments and $997 million in long-term debt. Net proceeds from the announced share issuance were received in October 2022 and the US dollar cash and cash equivalents and short-term investments are included on our balance sheet. The final financing for the Westinghouse acquisition is not required until close of the acquisition and will be determined based on market conditions and the expected run rate of our business at that time. We expect a permanent financing mix of capital sources, including cash, debt and equity, designed to preserve our balance sheet and ratings strength, while maintaining healthy liquidity. In addition, we have a $1 billion undrawn credit facility.
  • Received dividends from JV Inkai: In 2022, we received dividend payments from JV Inkai totaling $93 million (US). JV Inkai distributes excess cash, net of working capital requirements, to the partners as dividends. See Uranium – Tier-one operations – Inkai in our 2022 annual MD&A.

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