On-the-job Training

Helping talented young people transition from school to career, Cameco offers several on-the-job programs. While each program is tailored somewhat to the career type, all participants receive competitive compensation, benefits and the opportunity to learn from experienced colleagues.

Apprenticeship and Skilled Trades Training Program

Cameco has a trades apprenticeship program to provide increased workforce development opportunities to our people. Apprentices complete technical and on-the-job training for up to four years.

While studying, apprentices are provided with full tuition, books as well as living and travel allowances if required. Apprentices are also provided with an experienced journeyperson on site to mentor them. At Saskatchewan locations, apprentices have access to Cameco's workplace education instructors on site for academic support.

An Apprentice's Story: Jason Deschambeault

Jason Deschambeault, an aboriginal employee originally from Cumberland House, has directly benefited from Cameco’s push for career development for northerners.

After spending three years as a contract employee at McArthur River, Jason joined Cameco in 2000 as an equipment operator and started his industrial mechanic apprenticeship in 2004. He received his journeyperson ticket four years later and has never looked back.

“The apprenticeship opened a lot of doors for me. I love what I do, and I work with a great bunch of guys who are committed to my success,” said Deschambeault.

“There were two of us in the program from McArthur River," he said. "Of all the students we had the most knowledge because we got the best exposure to our trade. McArthur River is a unionized site, but it’s not so job-specific that you don’t touch anything else. We’re exposed to absolutely everything and we’re encouraged to expand our skills. We work on rebuilds, pumps, conveyors, batch plants and pipe-fitting."

“Also, we were required to learn machinist work as part of the program, but McArthur River doesn't have a machine shop. So Cameco sent me to Key Lake’s shop and I got to spend two full weeks with a machinist. That’s going way out of their way to help me succeed.”


Cameco also hires a variety of paid internship positions such as summer students (four-month term), co-op students/interns (four to 16 month term) and new grads (temporary and permanent). This allows university and technical school students the opportunity to work at a mine, mill or corporate office in Saskatchewan, or at a refinery, conversion or manufacturing facility in Ontario.

Students work full-time (approximately 40 hours a week or 77 hours bi-weekly at northern Saskatchewan fly in/out operations) in a department or area applicable to their area of study such as administration, environment, geology and engineering.

These internship opportunities encourage students to continue to pursue post-secondary training in mine-related occupations and promote the mining and energy industries, as well as provide students with applicable work experience which allows them to develop their skills.

Watch an Intern's Story: Teresa Keet, compensation specialist