How We Measure Ourselves

In support of our business strategy and in alignment with our values, we set corporate, business unit and departmental objectives every year, organizing them under four measures of success, which reflect our commitment to ESG principles:


Two people on a forklift working on equipment

A safe, healthy and rewarding workplace

The safety and health of our workers and the public is our highest corporate priority. We measure our performance against safety metrics originally established by the US Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). We also focus on leading indicators that prevent injuries and specifically those that are focused on improving our safety performance.


Cameco worker testing river water quality

A clean environment

We recognize protection of the environment as the foundation of our work and are committed to conducting our business with respect and care for the local, regional and global environment. We have comprehensive environmental management programs at our sites that encompass, among other elements, routine engagement on environmental results with key stakeholders. We maintain certification of our environmental management systems to the leading international standard, ISO 14001, and establish annual targets to improve performance on significant environmental aspects for the corporation.


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Supportive communities

Maintaining support to operate is critical to Cameco’s long-term success. We need the trust and confidence of communities where we operate in order to deliver on our other objectives.


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Outstanding financial performance

Long-term financial stability and profitability are essential to our sustainability as a company. We have a responsibility to deliver value to our shareholders, and we use accepted measures to ensure we deliver outstanding financial performance.


These measures of success were created to proactively address the financial, social and environmental aspects of our business. Each is tied to all employees’ variable compensation programs, with three of the four measures directly aligned to ESG-related objectives. Including these ESG-related objectives in our compensation program creates a balanced approach as they equal 50% of Cameco’s compensable corporate objectives. Each is integral to our overall success and, together, they will ensure our long-term sustainability.

For more information on how compensation is aligned with ESG performance, please see our most recent Management Proxy Circular.