Our ESG Targets

Looking Back: 2022 Scorecard

We set ESG targets to demonstrate our commitment to continual advancement. To provide transparency around our ESG performance and activities, we have developed the below scorecard.

2022 Targets

Net-zero ambition

Complete a low-carbon transition plan in 2022 that maps out our net-zero alignment and pathways.

We completed our Low Carbon Transition Plan in Q4 2022


Conduct a third-party assessment of fire hazard and preparedness at our northern Saskatchewan operations.

The Saskatchewan Public Safety Agency (SPSA) assessed fire hazard and preparedness at each of our northern Saskatchewan operations.

Engage a third-party expert to conduct physical risk assessments of
our northern Saskatchewan operations.

We completed a physical risk assessment for each of our four northern
Saskatchewan operations.

Complete a TCFD gap analysis.

We engaged a third-party to assess alignment of our public disclosures with TCFD recommendations and developed an action plan to close gaps in the next few years.

Develop an action plan to quantify Scope 3 emissions.

We completed a preliminary Scope 3 emissions estimate following GHG Protocol guidelines and expect to refine the calculation in 2023.

Northern Saskatchewan operations

Achieve at least a 5% reduction in GHG intensity by 2030.

GHG intensity of the mines operating in 2022 was approximately 8% lower than baseline. Note: This was a multi-year target, but it has been replaced with our new corporate target.

Ontario fuel services facilities

Develop a GHG reduction plan for our Ontario facilities that aligns with Ontario’s new Emissions Performance Standard program and our Low Carbon Transition Plan (currently in development).

Our Low Carbon Transition Plan was finalized in 2022, which identifies reduction opportunities for the Ontario sites. Note: This target has been replaced with our new corporate target.

Environmental performance1

Improve effluent discharge management at our Saskatchewan and Ontario operations by maintaining quality within regulatory limits, predicted environmental effects, and better than historically strong performance.

Performance on our environmental targets was below the targeted range for some of our Saskatchewan and Ontario sites.

Progress groundwater restoration in our US operations by advancing one mine unit into the stability monitoring stage, one mine unit begins reverse osmosis treatment, and 87 production wells are evaluated as clean.

Exceeded our annual targets, with one mine unit advancing to the stability stage,
one mine unit beginning reverse osmosis treatment, and 109 production wells
evaluated as clean.

Tailings management

Adjust our tailings management system to achieve level A in all indicators2 of the Mining Association of Canada’s Towards Sustainable Mining Tailings Management Protocol by 2022.

Audits of all active Cameco Tailings Management Facilities resulted in level A ratings in all indicators.

1. For STIP purposes, there is an overriding modifier: no payout on this measure if there is any incident that results in a moderate or significant environmental impact, current and future remediation costs of ≥ $10 million, a significant environmental fine, or that has a reasonable potential to result in significant negative impact on the company’s reputation with our major stakeholders.

2. This target covers active tailings facilities.

2022 Targets

Workplace safety3

Achieve a total recordable injury rate (TRIR) of 0.99 or less.

There were no incidents causing a fatality or permanent disability. Our 2022 TRIR was 1.96.

Achieve 100% completion rate of job task observations.

We achieved 100% completion of job task observations.

Complete implementation of a corporate ergonomic standard.

We completed implementation of our corporate ergonomic standard and continue to progress work in this area.

Maintain long-term downward trend in combined employee and contractor radiation doses.

Radiation doses to all workers are maintained well below regulatory limits. Over the last 10 years, average radiation doses have decreased.

Indigenous and community relations

Provide paid temporary work-placements for 12 RSNs, with a minimum of six positions provided to female RSNs, at our mining/milling operations.

12 RSNs, six of whom were female, participated in our work placement program.

Annually maintain, or increase, the procurement of services for our northern Saskatchewan operations from northern-owned local businesses (82% in 2021).

In 2022, 80% of services at northern Saskatchewan operations were procured from northern-owned local businesses, just slightly less when compared to 2021.

Develop a rotational elder program for McArthur River / Key Lake from our three impact communities.

We developed our Elder’s Advisory Program, which will see Elders employed at
each of our northern Saskatchewan operations starting in 2023.

Inclusion and diversity

Each year, strive for a complement of senior management who are women that, at a minimum, reflects the proportion of women in our workforce (25% of our workforce in 2021 were women).

Women represented 28% of our senior management in 2022.

For the restarts at McArthur River and Key Lake, strive for a 2022 year-end workforce that has representation of greater than 11% women and 48% Indigenous people, the 2017 pre-shutdown representation levels.

We achieved 15% women and 51% Indigenous representation at McArthur River and Key Lake (higher than the 2017 pre-shutdown levels).

3. For STIP purposes, there is an overriding modifier: no payout on the safety measure if there is any fatality or permanent disability.

2022 Targets

Board diversity

At least 30% of board members are women (maintain annually).

Women held 33% of director positions on our Board in 2022.

At least one director with Indigenous heritage (maintain annually).

Of our current directors, one is Indigenous (11% of the total number of directors), and we have had Indigenous directors on our board since 1992.

Conduct and ethics

100% of all targeted and new employees to complete Code of Conduct and Ethics online training in 2022.

100% of new and existing employees completed Code of Conduct and Ethics training in 2022.


100% of all employees complete the information security course (annually).

100% of all employees completed the information security course.

Complete at least one internal audit on cybersecurity-related topics (annually).

Cameco completed three internal audits on cybersecurity-related topics.

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