Recruitment Fraud

Recent incidents of recruitment fraud via unauthentic websites, emails and direct text messaging have been brought to the attention of our company and reported to authorities. These recruitment communications are made without Cameco’s knowledge or approval.

What is recruitment fraud?

A perpetrator, usually claiming to be a Cameco employee, emails a victim to advise they have either been hired by Cameco or may obtain employment with a valid work permit. Often, they’ll use a name associated with Cameco, gleaned from publicly available information. The perpetrator then asks for a fee to process the victim's employment papers, tender offers, job applications. Victims are often asked to wire money, (i.e., fees) and/or copies of personal information such as passports to a fictitious company email address or website.

Cameco's recruitment practices

  • Cameco only accepts career applications received through our OPPORTUNITIES page and does not process applications received by email, fax, mail, in person, unauthorized third-party recruiters or resumes submitted to other websites.
  • Cameco never sends unsolicited employment offers to non-applicants.
  • Cameco never requires candidates to:
    • submit money (i.e., fees) to process employment applications, work visas or permits, or any other fees,
    • set up an online email account,
    • participate in online interviews,
    • or provide confidential personal information such as social insurance numbers, social security numbers, copies of passports, visa or immigration papers during the recruitment process
  • All Cameco Corporation emails end in “” – no other format, even if it includes the word "cameco" is authentic.
  • Cameco never uses text messages, online messaging services or social channels to communicate with candidates.

For more information on Cameco’s recruitment practices, please see our Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do?

If you receive an unsolicited employment offer or see a suspicious job posting that also solicits fees, recognize that these are not legitimate Cameco career opportunities.

  1. Do not comply with the perpetrator’s requests – never send fees or confidential personal information in exchange for a career opportunity with Cameco.
  2. You may choose to report the fraudulent activity to the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre at 1-888-495-8501
  3. Let us know if Cameco is being misrepresented by fraudsters. Please include the communication you have received from the perpetrator in your email.