Ethics Hotline

Any suspected violations under the Code of Conduct and Ethics are to be reported to the corporate secretary or any of Cameco’s executive officers. However, we have an Ethics Hotline managed by an independent, third-party for anyone who wishes to remain anonymous.

What to Report

We have established the Ethics Hotline as a communication channel for employees and other stakeholders to report concerns relating to questionable financial reporting and auditing practices, manipulation or falsification of data, and other improper behavior.

The Ethics Hotline is an independent, confidential and anonymous reporting channel. Members of the public who become aware of or suspect any violations of Cameco’s Code of Conduct and Ethics are also encouraged to report these concerns.

Reporting Channels

This reporting system does not replace the other methods that customers and other stakeholders have traditionally used to communicate with Cameco. Customers are encouraged to continue using our existing communication channels. For example, customers and clients are encouraged to first report matters to the manager of the business location at which the issue arose or the customer service area for the business segment and region. Nevertheless, if for any reason, you are not comfortable using any of these other reporting channels, or prefer to report your concern through this system, we do want to hear from you.

How to Report

To file an anonymous report, ClearView offers both an interactive website at and the following telephone reporting lines.

Reports that are submitted through ClearView will be forwarded to Cameco for investigation. Unless the reporter chooses to leave his or her name or identifying information, Cameco will not know who made the report.