Cigar Lake Licensing Renewal

In November 2019, Cameco applied to the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC) to begin the process to renew the Cigar Lake licence. Cameco is requesting a 10-year licence and the hearing will be held in April 2021. The current licence is valid until June 30, 2021.

During the current licence term Cigar Lake completed construction activities and successfully transitioned through commissioning to commercial production. Throughout this period:

  • Workers were safe and properly protected.
  • There were no releases that harmed the environment or health and safety of people nearby.
  • All treated water released from the facility met regulatory requirements and was safe.
  • Environmental monitoring consistently showed that fish and plants were safe to eat.
  • Cameco engaged with northern stakeholders to keep them informed of our activities.


Cigar Lake Licensing Renewal – CNSC Commission Member Document (CMD) (PDF 431KB)

Cigar Lake Licensing Renewal - Application Letter (PDF 53.7KB)

Cigar Lake Licensing Renewal - Mining Facility Licensing Manual (PDF 702KB)

Program summaries:

Environmental Management Program - Public Summary - Cigar Lake Operation (PDF 35KB)

Environmental Risk Assessment - Public Summary - Cigar Lake Operation (PDF 1.39 MB)

Radiation Protection Program - Public Summary - Cigar Lake Operation (PDF 172KB)

Safety and Health Management Program - Public Summary - Cigar Lake Operation (PDF 176KB)

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