Managing our Growth

Our ability to grow is a function of our people, processes, assets and reputation, and the ability to enhance and leverage these strengths to add value and build competitive advantage.

We use four categories to define what we are committed to deliver, and how we will measure our results:

  • outstanding financial performance
  • a safe, healthy and rewarding workplace
  • a clean environment
  • supportive communities

We introduced these measures of success to proactively address the financial, social and environmental aspects of our business. We believe that each is integral to our overall success and that, together, they will ensure our long-term sustainability.

Focus On Long-Term Sustainability

Companies are under growing scrutiny for the way they conduct their business, and there has been a significant increase in stakeholder expectations for environmentally and socially responsible business practices.

Rather than viewing sustainable development as an ‘add-on’ to traditional business activity, we see it as integral to the way we do business, and have made it a strategic priority, integrating it into our objectives and compensation policies.

You can find out more in our 2012 sustainable development report, which is on our website.