Building on our Strengths

World-Class Assets

We have extensive mineral reserves and resources, a large portfolio of low-cost mining operations, and geographically diverse uranium assets with controlling interests in the world’s largest high-grade uranium reserves.

Employee Expertise

Our company is filled with talented and creative people who are committed to achieving our strategy in a manner consistent with our corporate values of protecting people and the environment, excellence and integrity.

Strong Customer Relationships

We have large, creditworthy customers that continue to need uranium, even during weak economic conditions, and we expect the uranium contract portfolio we have built to provide a solid revenue stream for years to come.

Uranium Price Leverage

Our plans to increase our supply of uranium, combined with our contracting strategy, are designed to give us leverage when uranium prices go up, and to protect us when prices decline.

Financial Strength

We are in a strong financial position to proceed with our growth plans. We are working to ensure our capital structure is appropriate and adds value for our shareholders.

Disciplined Portfolio Management

We have a disciplined portfolio management process that incorporates all capital projects into a single capital plan and uses a stage gate decision process. This ensures our capital projects are aligned with our strategic objectives, and that business benefits are measurable and attainable.

Focused Risk Management

We have a formal enterprise-wide risk management process that we apply consistently and systematically across our organization. Risk management is a core element of our strategy and our objectives, and we use it to continuously improve our organization. It will underpin decisions we make as we move ahead with our growth strategy.


We are always looking for ways to improve processes, to increase safety and environmental performance, and reduce costs. We are currently working on innovative projects in all aspects of operations, including upgrading the Key Lake and Rabbit Lake mills.


We believe strongly in our values and apply them consistently in our operations and business dealings. We are recognized as a reliable supplier and business partner, strong community supporter and employer of choice.