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Cameco is a world leader in low-cost uranium production. Our operations provide about 15% of world mine production and we have approximately 443 million pounds of proven and probable reserves and extensive mineral resources.


McArthur River operation

Miners stream out of the...

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Cameco has controlling ownership of the world's largest high-grade uranium reserves, with ore grades up to 100 times the world average, at our low-cost operations in northern Saskatchewan, Canada.

We are also the largest US producer with in situ recovery operations in Wyoming and Nebraska.

In Kazakhstan, production at the Inkai joint venture has ramped up, as we expand capacity over the next few years.

To sustain our position, we pursue a long-term strategy of diversifying our production by geography and mining method, as well as extensive brownfield exploration and expansion programs at our operating mines. We have major projects in advanced development in northern Saskatchewan and within Block 3 at the Inkai joint venture in Kazakhstan.

All of Cameco's mining and milling operations meet high standards for safety, health and environmental performance and we strive to earn the support of local people wherever we operate.

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