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Athabasca Basin

Athabasca Basin

The Athabasca Basin hosts the world's richest high-grade uranium deposits. It is also Cameco's backyard. We have been actively producing and exploring for uranium in this region for decades. Cameco's exploration investment is focused here and we hold a dominant land position. An old exploration adage states that "the best place to find a mine is beside one".

Cameco's brownfield exploration program involves work on or around our minesites. We are focused on areas of favourable geology extending from our operations and new discoveries near existing mills. These data-rich areas are highly prospective for new discoveries based on the wealth of historic information and ongoing improvement in exploration technology.

Since 2000, exploration has been successful at discovering new resources, which are at various stages of advancement including Millennium (2000), O2 Next (2003), McArthur River Zones A (2004) and B (2005) and Centennial (2005).