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Common Shares

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Transfer Agents and Registrars

The registrar and transfer agent for Cameco's common shares is CIBC Mellon Trust Company1. For information on common shareholdings, dividend cheques, lost share certificates and address changes, contact:

In Canada:
CIBC Mellon Trust Company
c/o Canadian Stock Transfer
Company Inc.
P.O. Box 700, Station B
Montreal, Quebec
H3B 3K3

In the United States:
American Stock Transfer & Trust Company, LLC
Attention: General Counsel
6201 15th Avenue
Brooklyn, NY


1-800-387-0825 OR
1-416-682-3860 outside of North America

1Canadian Stock Transfer Company Inc. acts as the Administrative Agent for CIBC Mellon Trust Company.

Annual Meeting

The annual meeting of shareholders of Cameco Corporation is scheduled to be held on Tuesday, May 14, 2013 at 1:30 p.m. at Cameco's head office in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

Dividend Policy

The board of directors has established a policy of paying a quarterly dividend of $0.10 ($0.40 per year) per common share. This policy will be reviewed from time to time in light of the company's cash flow, earnings, financial position and other relevant factors.


Cameco Corporation
2121 – 11th Street West
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan S7M 1J3
Phone: 306-956-6200
Fax: 306-956-6201