Total Rewards

Total Rewards are defined as everything you acquire or receive from your working relationship with Cameco – from compensation and benefits, to learning opportunities and job satisfaction.

U get a piece of the PIE!

Employees below vice-president level receive a share of the PIE – performance incentives for employees – our bonus program that pays rewards for corporate and group performance. Salaried employees receive an additional reward for team and individual performance.

U share in Cameco's success!

Cameco’s success is our employees’ success. Our employee share ownership program (ESOP) gives you the opportunity to own Cameco shares. Cameco contributes up to $1,000 in shares annually and you have the option to buy more with a company match. As a shareholder, you benefit from increases in the value of Cameco’s shares.

U get great benefits!

Competitive wages, flexible spending accounts, 401k retirement plan, and benefits are other key components of the total rewards offered at Cameco.