My job keeps me interested and focused

My job is very challenging and that keeps me interested and focused.

Plant engineering services is a diverse department. I have to be proficient in all aspects of engineering disciplines of electrical, mechanical, civil, environmental and in health and safety regulations. While employed with Cameco, I have received my professional engineering (P.Eng.) license and I am currently pursuing my project management professional (PMP) designation.

I work in a co-operative and diverse team and we sometimes face very unique issues that need a special approach for resolutions.


Cameco Fuel Manufacturing (CFM) is one of two Canadian suppliers of fuel bundles for operators of Candu heavy water reactors. CFM consists of two facilities. One is a machining and metal fabrication facility in Cobourg, ON, which produces components for fuel assemblies and specialized metal components for nuclear plants. The second facility is a fuel manufacturing plant in Port Hope, ON, where natural uranium dioxide (UO2) powder is pressed into pellets, loaded into specific tubes and assembled into reactor fuel bundles.

Shahzad's job is to maintain the infrastructure and building services at the CFM Cobourg facility. Filling a cross-functional role, Shahzad works with teams in production, process engineering, manufacturing support and project engineering.

Having expertise in mechanical, electrical, civil, and environmental engineering, Shahzad is also knowledgeable in health and safety regulations. In his role he must ensure that CFM's environmental controls keep air emissions and water discharge within regulatory limits, and also ensure that security and fire safety systems protect the safety of those working within the facility.


Title: Plant Engineering Services Specialist
Location: Cameco Fuel Manufacturing, Cobourg, ON
Joined Cameco: April 2003