A good job does not go unnoticed

I enjoy being part of a team of people who help to implement new technology. The rewards of our success are priceless. My co-workers are very knowledgeable and I enjoy the fact that I am working with very experienced electricians with a high level of knowledge. I feel I am getting top experience as an apprentice.

The safety culture here at Cameco is strong. Safety is always number one and you continually have fellow employees ensuring you are working safely.

I really like coming to work every day and being a part of the team. We have a very positive work atmosphere and a good job does not go unnoticed.


The Blind River refinery is the world's largest commercial uranium refinery. Drums of uranium ore concentrate are shipped to the refinery from mines located around the world. The refinery includes a processing plant, water treatment plant, power plant, nitric acid recovery system and analytical labs.

Darren works as an electrical apprentice in the control department at the refinery. His department consists of ten people ranging from electricians, instrument technicians and another electrical apprentice.

He works closely with a journeyperson electrician to gain experience that is needed to become a licensed industrial electrician. In his position he identifies hazards and performs preventative maintenance on critical pieces of equipment. Blind River employees depend on Darren to ensure that the equipment is safe to operate. He is also a member of the refinery's fire brigade.


Title: Electrical Apprentice
Location: Blind River, ON
Joined Cameco: May 2008