Products & Services: In-Stock Zircaloy Metal

Cameco Fuel Manufacturing (CFM) fabricates a wide variety of highly specialized mechanisms used in pressurized light and heavy water reactor components for utility customers around the globe. We stock small quantities of zircaloy that can be purchased by customers.

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Small Quantities of Zircaloy Bar | Rod | Sheet | Tube

CFM always has small quantities of zircaloy available from stock. All material will have certificates and traceability as it is nuclear grade.

The stock varies from time to time due to availability but if you urgently need small quantities of zircaloy we will likely have it. Several different zircaloy grades are available:

  • ASTM R60804; zircaloy4, nuclear grade.
  • ASTM R60802; zircaloy2, nuclear grade.
  • ASTM R60904; Zr2.5Nb, nuclear grade.
  • ASTM R60702; non-nuclear grade.