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The Cameco Experience

Cameco Corporation is a Canadian-based publicly traded company that maintains an optimistic, global outlook on its primary business, supplying uranium fuel to generate clean electricity around the world.

As Cameco expands its presence in Australia, we look forward to providing new employees the rewards of working in an exciting, yet complex global industry. Other rewards stem from Cameco's desire to be a leading employer.

Personal Achievement

We work in a unique industry where everyone – from entry-level employees to senior executives – can experience the personal satisfaction that comes from driving economic growth and delivering clean energy to the world.

Career Development

No matter what field you are in, working in the uranium industry adds many dimensions to the job: physics, politics, environmental considerations, a vigorous protest movement, a volatile market and the critical importance of managing radioactive material at our operations.

Challenges? You bet.
Job satisfaction? Absolutely.

Today, we are an organization of about 3,000 employees with offices, operations and exploration projects around the world.

With our extraordinary uranium assets that include promising properties in Australia, Cameco is positioned for a new and exciting era of growth.