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Cameco Australia

Australia has been a world leader among countries involved in uranium production for many years. It is currently the third largest uranium-producing country after Kazakhstan and Canada and has the largest known uranium reserves– 31% of the world total.

Cameco does not currently produce uranium in Australia, however we have been actively exploring since 1996 and are involved in a number of projects in the Northern Territory and Western Australia.

Our two flagship projects in Western Australia are Kintyre and Yeelirrie.

Cameco also holds or has applied for exploration tenements on a significant amount of prospective land in the western part of Arnhem Land, centred approximately 250km east of Darwin in the Northern Territory.

We believe we will succeed in Australia by continuing to do what's right for:

  • a safe, healthy and rewarding workplace
  • a clean environment
  • supportive communities
  • and outstanding financial performance.

We are proud to be recognised as a global leader in sustainable development and proud to be earning the support of local people as we work towards developing our projects in Australia.


Cameco in Australia
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Kintyre camp ...

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