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We have a long history of safety at our operations and across the organization as a result of a strong safety culture based around the following principles:

  • safety is our first priority
  • we are all accountable for safety
  • safety is part of everything we do
  • safety leadership is critical to us
  • we are a learning organization

Over the past several years, we have focused on enhancing our safety culture, and our results in 2013 clearly show that we are achieving success. Many of our sites celebrated key safety milestones, including the Blind River Refinery (seven years without a lost-time injury (LTI)), Cameco Fuel Manufacturing Inc. (two years without an LTI), and the Port Hope conversion facility (one year without an LTI).

McArthur River, Key Lake, Rabbit Lake and Cigar Lake also delivered strong safety performance, with injury rates trending downward at each site. This is particularly noteworthy since all four facilities have seen increased levels of construction activity over the past several years.