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32. Related parties

The shares of Cameco are widely held and no shareholder, resident in Canada, is allowed to own more than 25% of the Company’s outstanding common shares, either individually or together with associates. A non-resident of Canada is not allowed to own more than 15%.

Transactions with key management personnel

Key management personnel are those persons that have the authority and responsibility for planning, directing and controlling the activities of the Company, directly or indirectly. Key management personnel of the Company include executive officers, vice-presidents, other senior managers and members of the board of directors.

In addition to their salaries, Cameco also provides non-cash benefits to executive officers and vice-presidents, and contributes to pension plans on their behalf (note 26). Senior management and directors also participate in the Company’s share-based compensation plans (note 25).

Executive officers are subject to terms of notice ranging from three to six months. Upon resignation at the Company’s request, they are entitled to termination benefits up to the lesser of 24 months or the period remaining until age 65. The termination benefits include gross salary plus the target short-term incentive bonus for the year in which termination occurs.

Compensation for key management personnel was comprised of:

  2013 (Revised – note 3)
  • (a) Excludes deferred share units held by directors (see note 25).
Short-term employee benefits $21,276 $19,702
Post-employment benefits 4,415 5,021
Share-based compensation (a) 11,864 8,622
  $37,555 $33,345

Other related party transactions

    (Revised – note 3)    (Revised – note 3) 
  Transaction value
year ended
Balance outstanding
as at
  2013  2012  2013  2012 
  1. (a) Disclosures in respect of transactions with joint arrangements represent the amount of such transactions which do not eliminate on proportionate consolidation.
Sale of goods and services        
Joint arrangements        
BPLP $60,252  $124,063  $13,400  $33,932 
Joint arrangements        
Interest income (Inkai) (a) 2,053  2,334  95,319  87,264 
Interest expense (220) (919) (10,647) (42,220)

Cameco has entered into fuel supply agreements with BPLP for the procurement of fabricated fuel. Under these agreements, Cameco will supply uranium, conversion services and fabrication services. Contract terms are at market rates and on normal trade terms.

Through unsecured shareholder loans, Cameco has agreed to fund Inkai’s project development costs as well as further evaluation on block 3. The limit of the loan facilities are $292,150,000 (US) and advances under these facilities bear interest at a rate of LIBOR plus 2%. At December 31, 2013, $224,047,000 (US) of principal and interest was outstanding (2012 – $219,277,000 (US)).

In 2008, a promissory note in the amount of $73,344,000 (US) was issued to finance the acquisition of GLE. The promissory note is payable on demand and bears interest at market rates. At December 31, 2013, $10,010,000 (US) of principal and interest was outstanding (2012 – $42,436,000 (US)).