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18. Share capital

Authorized share capital:

  • Unlimited number of first preferred shares
  • Unlimited number of second preferred shares
  • Unlimited number of voting common shares, no stated par value, and
  • One Class B share
  • A. Common shares

Number issued (number of shares) 2013 2012
Beginning of year 395,350,394 394,745,423
Stock option plan [note 25] 126,836 604,971
Total 395,477,230 395,350,394

All issued shares are fully paid.

  • B. Class B share

One Class B share issued during 1988 and assigned $1 of share capital entitles the shareholder to vote separately as a class in respect of any proposal to locate the head office of Cameco to a place not in the province of Saskatchewan.

  • C. Dividends

Dividends on Cameco Corporation common shares are declared in Canadian dollars. For the year ended December 31, 2013, the dividend declared per share was $0.40 (December 31, 2012 Р$0.40).