Pursuing Excellence

Cameco employee

Cameco is focused on safety, operational excellence and environmental leadership as strategic imperatives in doubling annual uranium production. Our success in these areas is closely connected to our ability to deliver strong and sustainable financial performance.

The safety of people and protection of the environment are the foundation of our corporate values.

Initiatives such as the Cameco Environmental Leadership Awards unleash the creative potential of our employees to drive advances in environmental performance.

Cameco pursues excellence in all that we do. Through leadership, collaboration and innovation, we strive to achieve our full potential and inspire others the reach theirs.

Cameco values the contribution of every employee, with a realization that recruiting and retaining the best people drives Cameco's success.

Through personal and professional integrity, we lead by example, earn trust, honour our commitments and conduct our business ethically. That includes sharing the benefits of resource production and building enduring and sustaining partnerships. Cameco is one of Canada's leading employers of First Nations and Metis people, bringing employment and economic opportunity to growing communities.

Giving back through community investment is demonstrated through a variety of initiatives. Cameco is committed to donating 1% of after-tax net earnings to projects related to youth, education and literacy, health and wellness and community development.

Cameco's Four Measures of Success

  • A Safe, Healthy and Rewarding Workplace
  • A Clean Environment
  • Supportive Communities
  • Outstanding Financial Performance

Cameco 2009 Annual Report