Our Approach to ESG Reporting

To make sound decisions, we know that our stakeholders must be able to understand and evaluate how we manage the ESG risks and opportunities that have the potential to significantly impact our business. For more than a decade, Cameco has been producing sustainability reports in a variety of forms to inform our stakeholders on our progress on environmental, social, governance and economic matters.

In 2012, we chose to use the Global Reporting Initiative’s Sustainability Framework (GRI) to incorporate globally-recognized key indicators, in addition to some unique corporate indicators, to measure and report our performance on environmental, social and economic impacts in the areas we believe have a significant impact on our sustainability in the long-term. In 2016, we updated to the GRI 4.0 which remains the basis for how we have reported our 2019 performance.

Given the evolving nature of the ESG landscape, we are reviewing our current approach to sustainability and ESG reporting and are exploring other reporting frameworks to address changing business and stakeholder needs. The working group that has been established to undertake this review is chaired by our Senior Vice-President and Chief Corporate Officer and has been reporting to Cameco’s board.


Protecting the environment at every stage of our operations is a top priority as we bring the multiple benefits of safe, clean, reliable nuclear energy to the world to help combat climate change.

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At Cameco, we approach everything we do with a  safety-first mindset. We respect the rights of all our stakeholders and believe that maintaining strong relationships is essential to our long-term sustainability and success

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Cameco’s commitment to sustainability begins at the top. Our board of directors is responsible for overseeing management, strategy and the integration of sustainability and ESG principles throughout the company.

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Our 2019 performance

When measuring the sustainability and ethical impact of a company, environmental, social and governance (ESG) are key factors considered by the public and investors. Sustainability and ESG matters have been an important focus at Cameco for many years and we have a strong performance record. This update provides reporting on 2019 data indicators compared to 2018.

Despite weak market conditions, Cameco continues to hold safety of our workforce and the public, social responsibility, and protection of the environment as top priorities.

Some of the highlights of our 2019 performance include:

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  • Environment

    Direct GHG emissions

    (kilotonnes CO₂e)

    2019 2018
    Direct GHG emissions 104 116
  • Social

    Lost-time injury rate

    (per 200,000 hours)

    2019 2018
    Lost-time injury rate 0.9 0.9
  • Economic

    Local procurement (%)

    (Canadian and US operations)

    2019 2018
    Local procurement (%) 71.85 71.0
  • Environment

    Total waste diversion


    2019 2018
    Total waste diversion 2.3 2.1
  • Social

    Diversity (%)

    (Canadian operations as of December 31, 2019)

    Women Indigenous Visible minority Persons with disabilities
    Diversity (%) 25.20 17.35 5.36 2.86
  • Economic

    Local hiring (%)

    (northern Saskatchewan operation)

    2019 2018
    Local hiring (%) 50.70 49.70

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