New Record Set for Children's Hospital Foundation of Saskatchewan

November 29, 2011

With help from Cameco and the Missinipi Broadcasting Corporation, northern Saskatchewan residents set a new fundraising record for the Children's Hospital Foundation of Saskatchewan. A seven-hour radio-a-thon on November 25, 2011, hosted by the MBC Radio Network, raised $625,856 for the upcoming Children's Hospital in Saskatoon – almost doubling the previous record.


Volunteers were kept busy at the phones as they set a new record over the 7 hour radio-a-thon on November 25, 2011.

Donations from Saskatchewan northerners came in all sizes, including a touching moment when a bag of rolled-up pennies from a local elementary school arrived at the radio-a-thon headquarters at the La Ronge Hotel and Suites. In total, residents raised $312,928 – with Cameco matching the donation to bring the overall total to $625,856.

More details on this success story are available from the Saskatoon Star Phoenix – Northerners raise $625K for children's hospital