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History Smith Ranch-Highland

2013 In the second quarter, North Butte, a satellite operation of Smith Ranch-Highland, began production.
2012 Smith Ranch-Highland team wins Cameco's Innovation Award for reducing selenium in mine effluent.
2006 Smith Ranch-Highland Uranium Mine Receives ISO 14001:2004 Certification

History Highland

2000 awarded a certificate of honor from the Joseph A. Holmes Safety Association in recognition of production employees working more than 620,000 hours without a fatal or permanent disabling accident between January 1, 1991 and June 30, 1998
1998 achieved 10-year, 10-million pound U3O8 production milestone for ISR mining
1997 Cameco acquired Power Resources, Inc., the majority owner and operator of Highland
1988 began in situ recovery commercial production
1987 began construction of in situ recovery facilities
1984 discontinued conventional mining
1972 began conventional mining

History Smith Ranch

2002 Cameco acquired Smith Ranch and other Wyoming uranium assets from Rio Algom Mining Corporation and consolidated operations with Highland facility
1997 started in situ recovery commercial production
1996 began construction of commercial in situ recovery facilities
1984 started second in situ recovery pilot operation
1981 began first in situ recovery pilot operation
1978 placed underground operations on standby
1975 received underground mine permit