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Q2 2014 Update

Production update

In the first quarter, we announced the start of mine production at Cigar Lake and reported that 350 tonnes of ore slurry had been shipped from the mine to storage tanks at the McClean Lake mill. We have now delivered about 1,000 tonnes of ore from the mine to the mill for storage.

Operations update

As reported on July 16, 2014, as part of the ongoing commissioning process, we have been assessing the current state of ground freezing and determined that freezing has not advanced as quickly as expected in some localized areas of the mine. Given that the McClean Lake mill has not yet started processing Cigar Lake ore, we have temporarily stopped jet-boring to allow the ore body to freeze more thoroughly in those localized areas. The additional freezing will allow more continuous production at the mine once the mill is operational. We do not expect there will be any material impact to costs as a result.

As a consequence of the interruption to the mining sequence and the resulting ore delivery schedule to the mill, we now expect to produce up to 1 million packaged pounds (100% basis) in 2014, depending on the mill startup and rampup, as well as the continued success of mining operations at Cigar Lake once they resume.

AREVA has reported that the modifications to the McClean Lake mill are complete and commissioning is in progress.

Our long-term annual production target of 18 million pounds U3O8 at Cigar Lake by 2018 will not be impacted.

Caution about forward-looking information relating to Cigar Lake

This discussion of our expectations for Cigar Lake, including our plan for up to 1 million packaged pounds (100%) in 2014, and our target annual production of 18 million pounds U3O8 at Cigar Lake by 2018 is forward-looking information that is based upon the assumptions and subject to the material risks discussed under the heading Caution about forward-looking information beginning on page 2 of our Q2 2014 MD&A.



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