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The mentorship is second to none

I feel fortunate to be part of the Engineer In Training program. When you first get started, you don't necessarily know what your interests are. I'm getting a great overview of the company and the mentorship is second to none.

Working at site is great because I get to be on the frontlines and see firsthand how the equipment operates. You can't replace that with 10 years in an office setting.

To be successful in this job, you need to be comfortable asking a lot of questions. You also need to interact well and trust the people around you. People have been very supportive. It's a victory when we work together as a team and get things done right and efficiently.


Cameco is 50 per cent owner and operator of the world's largest undeveloped, high-grade uranium mine located at Cigar Lake, SK, which will employ about 250 people when it is fully operational. Like all of Cameco's northern Saskatchewan sites, Cigar Lake operates on a week in/week-out rotational schedule, and employees commute to the operation by aircraft.

Bryan, a recent graduate, participates in Cameco's Engineer In Training program. For the next four years Bryan will receive paid, on-the-job training at each of Cameco's northern Saskatchewan work locations and corporate headquarters. This will give him the experience he needs for his Professional Engineer (P.Eng) designation and provide him with a broad overview of the business. Bryan will be permanently placed at one of the locations when his rotation is complete.

In his current placement in Cigar Lake's process department, Bryan provides technical support for such activities as mine dewatering, treating mine water for safe release into the environment, operating the surface freeze plant and freezing the orebody in preparation for successful production startup, expected in mid-2013.


Title: Junior Metallurgist, Engineer in Training
Location: Cigar Lake project, SK
Joined Cameco: May 2010