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Internal Awards

At Cameco, one of our values is the pursuit of excellence in all that we do. The operations and employees listed below have exemplified the very best of this value through leadership, collaboration and innovation.

Mary-Jean Mitchell Green Award

Cameco's highest safety honour, awarded every spring, recognizes outstanding safety achievements.

Year Winner
2012 ---
2011 Crow Butte
2010 Cigar Lake
2009 JV Inkai
2008 Blind River
2007 JV Inkai
2006 Crow Butte

Cameco Environmental Leadership Awards (CELA)

This award recognizes people and projects that advance the environmental performance of the company.


2010In addition to the projects, which are innovations that have already been implemented or are on their way to final approval, this year there was a category for early stage ideas. The winner in each category is listed below.

  • Projects: Elimination of Ammonia in Production of UO3 at Blind River refinery: Brian Baley and Doug Horne
    A change to the historic process at the Blind River refinery has eliminated use of anhydrous ammonia to manage acid concentrations. This change has resulted in the elimination of a form of nitrous oxide from the mill's air emissions; annual savings in combined reagent use; and cost savings for emergency response equipment and training (now that the potential for an ammonia leak no longer exists).
  • Ideas: Key Lake Revegetation: Pat Landine, Dana Fenske and Rob Van Stone
    The goal of this idea is to create the right conditions for the development of a climax plant community (a jack pine forest) by introducing key pioneer species (such as mosses, lichens, shrubs and deciduous trees); taking advantage of available sources of nutrients and soil amendments; and creating micro-climates favourable for the establishment of pioneer plants. This may help us to reclaim areas more quickly following mining.

2008 – Acid Recovery from Strong Acid Strip Solution project: Lorne Schwartz, Angelo Fernando, Marc Boucher and Ed Lam

Cameco Innovation Award

The award recognizes employees who implement innovative work processes or technologies that contribute directly to safety, environmental protection, sustainability or cost reduction.



Celebrating Success

At the CELA showcase, Chris...

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